What is your sick policy?

We want Oak View to be a safe place for well children. We ask parents to recognize the difference between allergies and a cold. If your child has a fever they must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. It they are taking antibiotics, they need to be on those for 24 hours before returning to school. Keep the health of ALL the children in mind when making the decision to send your child to school.

What is the children to teacher ratio?

Our children to teacher ratio is 8 children to 1 teacher.

What do the children do everyday?

We have LOTS of FUN. See A Typical Day for more details.

How academic are you?

Curriculum is exciting and offered within a creative approach at the child's pace and age appropriate.

Do you welcome volunteers?

YES WE DO. It makes a big difference in your child's attitude, when they see you participating in school activities. They Love it! There is plenty of opportunities helping out on pizza days, potlucks and other happy events.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. Late fees are charged if paid after the 1st of each month.

How do I withdraw from Oak View?

One month's written notice is required for withdrawal from school. April 1st is the last day of notice, after which parents are responsible for the remaining two month's tuition. Withdrawals may be requested the the school if arrears in payment extends beyond a two month period, or if late pick ups are frequent (after two times).

Does my child have to be toilet trained?

For children in Session 1A there is a $50.00 diapering fee per month until toilet trained.

What if my child has a problem or I have a question?

Let us Know. Olga is always available; otherwise Head Teachers can deal with many questions.

What should I do for my child's birthday?

We like to celebrate every child's birthday. If you would like to bring a snack, arrange with your child's Head Teacher in advance to make sure there is not another birthday on the same day and find out how many children need to be served.

We suggest cookies or small cupcakes (with very little frosting) are best. Keep food allergies in mind when preparing.

Can my child stay an extra hour for lunch?

Yes, as long as you arrange it with your child's Head Teacher or Director one day in advance. We need to ensure we have adequate staffing.

Can someone else pick up my child?

We will only release your child to someone you have authorized on the yellow emergency card. Please write that information in the spiral notebook when you drop your child off in the morning.

Where do I get communications from the school?

All written communications, flyers, invoices are placed in the Parent File box located in the main hallway.

Where do I pay my tuition?

There is a basket on the office door in the main hallway where you can drop off your tuition checks or any correspondence (outside daily activities - this goes in the spiral notebook by the sign-in books) you need to give the school.

Do you provide lunch?

No, full day children and children who stay for extended care bring their lunches with them.

Do you provide any snacks?

Yes, we provide children one snack in the morning. For those staying between 1:30-6:00, we request you send enough food so they have something if needed.

What if my child needs medication?

You and your doctor must fill out a medication release form, complete and give your child's Head Teacher

Do children take naps?

Children who stay into the afternoon and are under 5 all need rest time. We provide nap time right after lunch for those that need them.

Can my child bring his favorite toy to school.

No, toys are not allowed at school. If a children bring toys to school, they will be put into an evelope and in your parent file until pick-up time.

What if my child has an accident?

Please send a set of clothes for emergency changes, this can be kept in a back pack or their cubby.