Olga Scharninghausen
Director & CEO
Started at Oak VIew: 1977

Everything I know about kids I learned from kids – my own, and all the beautiful children left in our care at Oak View Nursery School. There was a time when I thought I was going to teach children all kinds of wonderful things. I soon discovered they were teaching me!

They taught me to take care of the four-year-old within me in order to bring out the best in my adult self. They taught me not to cover all the bases…or answer all the questions…or make everything perfect all the time. They taught me not to always need to be needed…not to be a referee…and to let them experience forgetting their lunch and their homework.

I learned to set loving firm limits…to wait patiently for results…to trust that they knew best in selecting courses and careers and sweethearts…to have a life of my own and let them have theirs…to give love, not advice unless asked…to be tactful when truthful, and above all to treat them like friends. And you know what? They are!

Thank you for sharing your children.


Thirty-six years ago Dixie School District leased Oak View School to us, until 17 years ago, when it was obtained by the Council of Marin Community Services. They sold off various properties and continued to rent the remaining facilities to non-profit agencies and to Oak View Nursery School.

The school was started by Olga Scharninghausen, who, prior to Oak View, was Director of the Marin Hills School of the Unitarian Church for many years, and of the Jewish Community Center Pre-School before that.  She has been active in the Early Childhood field for over thirty years, serving terms as President, Vice President and Secretary of Nursery School Associations, such as NAEYC, Advisory Board of College of Marin, Human Services, Head Start, etc.

Each of our teachers have a long history with Oak View, they either came to us as part of their student training (Nancy H.), had children at the school (Maureen & Cheryl) or wanted to work with their own child (teacher Phyllis is teacher Lindsey’s mom). Each of them are dedicated childhood professionals who keep polished by attending conferences, workshops and classes. They have credentials and permits from the State of California and are first aid and CPR certified.

Most importantly these women are the heart of Oak View and we feel fortunate to have them teach your children.

Session 1A

Cheryl Villasenor
Started at Oak View: 2003

Sally Newsom
Started at Oak View: 1985

Alyssa Ruys
Started at Oak View: 2016

Fatema Modan
Started at Oak View: 2015

Session 1B

Eileen Van Zandt
Started at Oak View: 1992

Stephanie Note
Started at Oak View: 2015

Tondi Erickson
Started at Oak View: 2015

Session II

Nancy Hellman (Assistant Dir)
Started at Oak View: 1982

Maureen Carlin
Started at Oak View: 2002

Session III

Lindsey Toomajian
Started at Oak View: 2007

Becky Wright
Started at Oak View: 2016


Kathleen Sigman
Started at Oak View: 2012

Chase Hardy
Started at Oak View: 2012

Alyssa Ruys
Started at Oak View: 2016

Becky Wright
Started at Oak View: 2016


Phyllis Kivett
Started at Oak View: 2009